Some specialist firms provide the chemical treatments only, this has a significant affect on the level of guarantee given to the customer.

We offer a FULL contract value guarantee if required, this means that if we undertake the damp proofing of your property the guarantee will cover all remedial works undertaken by ourselves. 

For example, removing and replacing wall plasters in addition to the Damp Proofing Course.
This is a significant part of the works.

Contractors who offer chemical treatments only are not liable for any associated works in the event of a guarantee claim, this can leave the customer with major expense despite the guarantee. 

Men At Work are a registered company with Insured Guarantees.


Approved Installers / Contractors Guarantee for chemical treatments

As approved installers we guarantee our workmanship against fault or defect, we only use approved and tested chemicals and products from specialist providers that are suited to purpose. 
We follow manufacturers guidance and adhere to "guarantee specification" where ever possible. 
Any compromise to "guarantee specification" will be notified to the client in a clear and transparent manner and noted on any drawings or documentation produced in connection with guaranteed works. 

Guarantee periods can vary for different treatments, the standard chemical treatment guarantee is for a period of ten years. 

These are industry standards and also apply to insured guarantees. 

This guarantee should be signed and dated by the providers, kept in a safe place and produced on request along with any other documentation.

Other documents should include a plan specifying areas and types of treatment, the products used, the date, and payments made by the client. 

It is the responsibility of the client to continuously maintain the property, failure to observe due care can invalidate this guarantee. 

Particular attention should be paid to roofs, rainwater goods, waste pipes, gullies and surface water, these being the usual cause of any problems. 

The area of work should remain undamaged and without modification.

Any recommendations made by the contractor should be adhered to. 

This guarantee is restricted to re-treatment of the original area only and does not extend to any perceived consequential loss or damage.